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Everything you need to know

  • What are the up front costs for joining MagManager?

    There are no upfront costs with MagManager. The first 30 days are free after which you just choose the plan that's right for your business. Our price plan is simple with no hidden costs or extra charges.

    If you'd like any help choosing your plan or setting up MagManager please Get in touch. We'll be happy to help

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    Can I cancel my free trial or subscription?

    Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time and for any reason by emailing

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    Can I retrieve my data if I decide to stop using MagManager?

    Yes, you can export your data out of MagManager before your subscription ends.

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    I'm using different magazine management software but I'd like to change to MagManager. Can I transfer my data?

    Yes, it's easy to transfer your data from another system and we're happy to help you with this. Get in touch to find out more.

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    I have more than five magazines. How can I subscribe to MagManager?

    MagManager will help you run your business no matter how many magazines you have. Get in touch today and we'll help you get started.

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    How do I get free access to MagManager for my school, charity or voluntary organisation?

    We're happy to help out schools, charities and voluntary organisations by offering them free use of MagManager. So if you'd like publishing your organisation's magazine to be quicker and easier Get in touch with us today.

  • My business is not in the UK. Can I access MagManager from another country?

    Yes, you can enjoy all the benefits of MagManager wherever you are in the world, using any currency you choose. Simply Get in touch with us today and we'll help you get started.

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    Help! How do I contact your support team?

    Don't worry if you need help. Your subscription includes support from people who understand your business. Just Get in touch and we'll help you out.

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    How do I know my data and content are secure?

    Protecting your business is a fundamental part of our business. It's essential that your data is secure and available whenever you need it, so we've invested in industry-leading infrastructure to make sure that it is.

    The team behind MagManager includes IT experts as well as magazine publishers. We understand that security is an ongoing process so we continuously evaluate and strengthen our security practices. And we keep up to date with developments in technology so you always benefit from the very best security available.

    You can read more about how Dropbox protect your content here.

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    Where is my data stored?

    Your data is stored on our secure servers or, where you've uploaded content to Dropbox, on its own secure online servers.

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    How does having a Dropbox account help?

    If you have a Dropbox account MagManager will keep control of your artwork on your PC in addition to our secure servers.

    When you upload artwork for a client, MagManager will automatically create a copy of it in your Dropbox account. It then links the artwork to the client's ad in the relevant magazines and issues.

    When you're creating your magazine, MagManager will find all the artwork you're going to use and create a folder with everything you need for each page. For example, the folder named ‘page 16' will contain all the artwork you or your designer need to build page 16 in your desktop publisher.

    So when you allow MagManager to use Dropbox you can be confident you'll have a copy of your artwork linked to MagManager locally on your PC.

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    Does MagManager own my data?

    No, you own your data. We simply provide and maintain the software and store your data securely for you (please also see the question above for information about storage of your content on Dropbox). As long as your subscription payments are up-to-date you can access your data whenever you need to.

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    How and when will you bill me?

    At the end of your free trial we'll ask you for your credit card details so you can continue to use MagManager. Your first payment will be taken on the day you provide them. We'll then take your monthly subscription on the same day each month until you tell us that you'd like to cancel.

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    Can I load my customer data from my accounts system into MagManager?

    Yes, if you're using Xero, Quickbooks or KashFlow, we can load your data automatically. Get in touch to find out more.

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    Where does MagManager store my artwork?

    It is stored securely in the cloud, and is accessible from any of your devices Get in touch to find out more.

Any questions unanswered?

If you have a question that we haven't answered above please Get in touch. We'll be happy to help you.